Professor Ghulam Mohammad Mohammadi

On Monday (April 2nd, 2023), the Faramarzi Hemiyari Persian Speakers’ Association hosted a memorial event in London to remember and honor the late Professor Ghulam Mohammad Mohammadi. Several compatriots and admirers of the professor attended the event to commemorate his legacy.

The ceremony began with recitation of verses from the Quran by Engineer Zaki. Following that, Ms. Zhaleh Zafari welcomed the attendees and provided an introduction to Professor Mohammadi’s continuous, impactful, and tireless activities.

Esteemed writer Naeel Dastgir shared detailed information about Professor’s work in the field of revising history and his valuable book “Pashtunistan: The Cause of Afghanistan’s Ruin.”

Dr. Sakha, one of the founders of the British Turkmen Association, spoke about Professor’s struggles and injustices in recent decades.

Mr. Shah Mohammad, the head of the largest online bookstore on the Afghan belt, and a friend of the professor, expressed his sentiments.

Mr. Abdullah Peyman highlighted Professor’s personality and achievements and praised his critical historical writing. Engineer Zaki shared his memories with Professor in Kabul and acknowledged his outstanding contributions.

Dr. Razq Rooein referred to Professor as one of the country’s elite truth writers and commended his enlightening work.

Ms. Adele Mohseni emphasized the necessity of resistance for freedom and justice and reminded everyone that the path of such history-making men will continue.

Engineer Shir Agha, brother of the late Dr. Yunus Akbari, remembered Professor’s contributions.

Mr. Karim Karim expressed gratitude for the attendees and thanked those who supported Professor in his enlightening work during his lifetime.

Following that, guests individually shared their memories and sentiments by writing them down in a commemorative booklet dedicated to Professor’s memories. A promise was made to publish Professor’s unpublished books in the near future, with Mr. Shah Mohammad offering his cooperation and commitment to publish four volumes of his books.

The event concluded with prayers and a video presentation showcasing Professor’s biography, works, and activities.

May his soul rest in peace and his memory be eternal.