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About Us

Introducing Farsi Action Foundation, a beacon of goodwill founded in November 2014 by a group of dedicated professionals. United by a common purpose, we extend a helping hand to those in need, offering free advice in both Persian/Farsi and English through the Farsi Helpline, accessible to individuals across England and Wales.

At our welcoming office and cultural centre nestled in the heart of Uxbridge, London, we go beyond mere words. Here, we not only provide face-to-face guidance and support but also cultivate the rich tapestry of Farsi culture and heritage. This nurturing embraces age-old traditions, such as poetry and annual celebrations, radiating their magic within both the Farsi-speaking and broader communities.

Our commitment extends to illuminating Farsi history and culture, fostering understanding, encouraging academic inquiry, facilitating Farsi language lessons, publishing books, and orchestrating cultural events and seminars.

In a spirit of benevolence, we also lend a helping hand to remote students and graduates in Afghanistan, paving their path to higher education and a brighter future. Our mission transcends borders as we establish cultural centres and libraries in underserved areas, bridging gaps in access to essential resources.

As proud members of 'Advice UK' and the 'National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers (NAWRA),' we uphold the highest standards of service.

We are predominantly a volunteer-driven organisation, passionately committed to giving back to society. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of altruists, nurturing a culture of compassion and philanthropy. Together, we stand united under the banner of Farsi Action Foundation, where kindness knows no boundaries.

Our Objectives

Our heartfelt mission is to alleviate economic struggles and hardships faced by individuals from Afghanistan and other Farsi-speaking immigrant communities residing in England & Wales. We achieve this by extending a helping hand through the delivery of essential information and guidance on matters related to welfare and financial well-being

Our mission is to safeguard Persian culture and heritage for the greater good, nurturing timeless traditions such as folk dancing, poetry, and annual cultural festivities. These cherished practices flourish both within the Persian-speaking community and beyond, enriching lives far and wide.

We strive for the promotion of education for the greater good, with a particular focus on but not limited to, empowering women and girls in Afghanistan. Our commitment extends to offering support to high school students, both girls and boys, hailing from underprivileged backgrounds in remote regions of Afghanistan, enabling their pursuit of higher education at local universities.

Our Team

Introducing the devoted team at Farsi Action Charity, steadfast in our mission to uphold and safeguard the vibrant fabric of Farsi culture, language, and cherished traditions.

Mr Sadeq Sadeed - Events manager

Miss. Ruqeya Shojaei - Co-ordinator

Eng Hamida Ahmad - Co-ordinator

Mr. Jamal Haidari - Executive Officer

Mrs Zhala Zafari - Cultural Affairs Manage