Our Services


Cultural Heritage Preservation

At the heart of our essence lies the preservation of Persian culture and heritage. Our calendar is filled with a diverse array of events and activities, from enchanting poetry recitals to vibrant traditional celebrations, spirited folk dancing, and engaging seminars. These collective efforts serve as a bridge, carrying the treasures of our heritage forward, ensuring that the richness of our culture is lovingly passed down to the generations yet to come.

Supporting Education in Afghanistan

Education wields the transformative power to empower individuals, and our unwavering commitment lies in extending a helping hand to school students and graduates residing in the remote corners of Afghanistan. Through the establishment of cultural centres and libraries in underserved areas, we aspire to broaden access to educational resources and create pathways to opportunity.

Support and In-Person Guidance

Beyond our helpline, we extend a warm invitation for individuals to join us at our office and cultural centre in the heart of Uxbridge, London. Here, we create a nurturing atmosphere where every visitor is embraced, valued, and given the opportunity to receive personalised advice and in-person support.

Farsi helpline

Our Farsi Helpline serves as a vital resource for those in need of advice and assistance. We offer support in Persian/Farsi and English, providing information on welfare and finance matters, empowering individuals to navigate challenging situations.